When it’s fun!

Somedays flying is just about having fun even if you’re training.  The last lesson was frustrating and today I’m determined to just enjoy being back in the air.

Piper Cherokee P140

Piper Cherokee P140

After my pre-flight check, we headed to Monroe to practice touch and go’s.  Landings so far haven’t felt comfortable for me.  It feels like work,  as if I’m fighting the plane to get it on the ground sometimes but I think it’s more about me trying to remember everything and learning to see where and when I need to flare. I’ve felt anxious and guess that’s just part of getting used to doing it and repeating till I get it down.  Granted I haven’t practiced landings much and this is when I’m supposed to build my skills.  There’s so many things to remember and this is all new to me. I’m trying to maintain altitude, keep the speed down, the nose up, the trim adjusted and then I start adding in flaps and I’m not even doing all the radio announcements yet.  All this is going on and today we have a strong crosswind that’s going to affect my landings.

Well, let me tell you what, I was lovin’ landings today! I know it sounds crazy but I’ve just been doing better when it’s a little windy. I don’t know why, but I’m okay with it. Robert showed me how to tip my wing slightly on one side and work the opposite rudder to compensate for the crosswind and to keep from drifting off my runway position.  I was gauging my height and distance much better and increasing and decreasing my throttle as needed to get me over the displaced threshold so that I can land past it.  The first couple of landings today, I floated in and put it down gracefully.  Woohoo!  It felt really good and I was so excited.  He patted me on the back a couple of times to congratulate me.

I had a couple of landings that came down a bit harder than I would have liked but not too bad considering the conditions. I had it balloon on me twice because of the wind.  Robert showed me how to increase my throttle speed and ease it back down when that happens and I was still able to make good landings out of them.  I know that it will come together and I see some light at the end of the tunnel. I believe I can do it and that’s half the battle.

Today when I landed back at Wilgrove, I was extremely happy with everything.  Seven landings in just over an hour and I loved every minute of it.  Robert and I were walking back into the office to debrief and we past two other pilots that were making plans to fly, and asked how it was up there.  Robert said, “A bit bumpy.”  I said, “It was awesome!”  We laughed and Robert said, “Well, if you’re not like her, you might think it’s a little bumpy!”

Another 1.2 hours on the logbook for a total of 10.2 hours.


  1. Nice job! I am supposed to be working on ballooning next lesson, as I have been unsure (until now) of how much power to add if I balloon, so I wasn’t adding enough (big surprise). Robert told me last lesson that you can’t really add too much (except obviously you wouldn’t go full throttle..), so now I feel confident that I can give it some power and let it settle again for a nice landing. I don’t mind the bumps in-flight, but I love when it is calm and steady and I am able to relax and just enjoy the simplicity. haha! That is awesome! Keep it up! 🙂

    • Thank you! We are both working hard for sure and getting lots of experience with the weather lately! I’m glad to have your encouragement and friendship as we do this thang! 😉

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