We are Halfway There

We are the current Ground School Class at Wilgrove, http://www.wilgroveairport.net/.  All of us are training and working towards our license.  We are at different flying experience levels but ground school puts us all in here together trying to accomplish one goal, the knowledge to pass the exam.  We are about halfway through and I think some things are coming together for us and some, well, we will continue to study.  I feel like we have already accomplished much by hanging in here this far.

My Ground School Class

My Ground School Class

I understand we are an unusual class with four women in it.  Robert says he has never had this happen before this class.  I, for one, am excited to be a part of it and look forward to the new friendships I am making while on this journey.  We are all determined, enthusiastic and excited to be working towards our goal.  Sometimes the most important thing is a little moral support from our peers to keep us going and help us along the way.

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