Log Book

  • Days since I started training, will call this before BC: Taking two years off for breast cancer makes this way longer than it should have been.  I’m going to do a reset for the second time around
  • Days since I started flying after BC: 150 days
  • Logbook training hours combined with before BC and after BC: 93 hours
  • Ground Instruction: 40 hours
  • Airports I’ve landed at : Wilgrove 8A6, Monroe EQY, Concord JQF, Davidson EXX, Rowan RUQ, Pensacola PNS, Raleigh Executive Sanford TTA, Pageland PYG, Columbia CAE, Hartsville HVS, Gilliam-McConnell BQ1, JAARS N52, RCZ Richmond Cty, HBI Asheboro, Goose Creek 28A (shortest runway so far 2,350′)


  1. angela hope i did not scare you to much, on my night check out in 319G…sunday night, all tho, the bat on the wing was a little funny..poor thing. it was a pleasure having you ride along.

    • It was a great flight! I’m so glad I got to go along and no, I wasn’t scared at all. I got a couple of good videos too. I’m working on writing about it now, so it’ll be the next post. The bat definitely made for a lot of interesting conversation! Thanks!

  2. Allan, a.k.a. "RocKiteman"

    FIRST: There was “Ding Bat”

    NOW: There is “Wing Bat”


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