Some Days It’s Enough, but Other Days I Long for More

Some days it’s enough to just look up at the sky and watch planes fly over, but other days, the pull of something more exciting calls me by name and beckons for me to come. It’s an airplane with my name on it that longs to be flown as much as I long to be in the air with it.  There’s something wonderful that happens every time I set foot into my home airport, it’s a place where I feel completely comfortable and at ease.  I look out at the runway and take a deep breath; breathe it all in, and exhale like it’s freedom.  It is. It’s freedom and excitement like I’ve never known.  It stirs in me like rushing waves that calm and soothe on one hand, but it’s also like a fire that burns and warms me from the inside out on the other hand.  


There’s nothing more satisfying to me than putting a plane in the air, and staring down from the sky to see the most amazing landscapes you could ever imagine. Beautiful sunsets, alluring mountains in the distance or beaches below all fascinate and mesmerize me with their stunning colors and delightful textures. It’s something that I wish I could fully capture in pictures so that I could share this incredible view with everyone I come across.  It’s like being transported somewhere magical, and spectacular, and every trip is an adventure.


I can’t fully explain how it makes me feel to be the ‘pilot in command’ (PIC), to know that I’m the one putting it in the air, soaring across the skies, and then bringing it back home to land safely.  There’s a strange confidence that fills me and understands that I’m controlling a wonderfully designed piece of engineering marvel.  I admire and respect the bird that I fly like it’s an extension of my own body.  I love practicing maneuvers in it to learn the look, feel, sound and touch it should have so that I know when somethings not quite right.  I can tell if the engine isn’t quite smooth and if the mixture needs to be adjusted now.  I can tell if the angle isn’t quite right to get the speed I want. It’s something I imagine that over time will become even more keen to my senses. I long for the day when it does feel like I’m one with the plane.

Victor rear

I’ve become accustom to my weekly flights for training and can’t imagine not getting in the air this often.  I long for a plane of my own and a license to fly it.  One day, I believe it will all come together and I look forward to the  journey along the way.


  1. I couldn’t have said it better. There’s a certain magic that happens when the wing takes the load and the wheels leave the ground – every pilot feels the same way you do. Thanks for putting it into words.

    • Thank you so much! I don’t feel like I do it justice. It’s hard to put into words what it really feels like, but I always hope to inspire others that might never have tried flying before. Great to get your feedback!

  2. Angela, I second Rod. Captures the magic!

  3. I really enjoy this! Your story is very inspirational and your observations and insights are encouraging to read as well. I love the idea of sharing the passion of life in general, and in general aviation as well!

    • Thank you so much for stopping by and taking the time to read my post. This past week, being the first time I’ve flown in two years brought tears to my eyes. I thought I’d never get to do it again. It’s still a magical feeling, and I treasure it because I know now, how quickly it can be gone. I’m thankful to be cleared and anxious to continue this journey. New training posts to come!

  4. I am really looking forward to reading future things to come! 🙂

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