Fanning the Flames

The thought of not ever flying again makes me feel empty inside.  I’ve never felt so alive as when I’m in control of an aircraft.  There is something about it that wakes my soul and burns hot in my chest; a longing that I didn’t know was even there until I flew a plane for the first time.

Now, when I’m away from it, I long to be back there even if it’s just at the airport to see the planes or run my fingers across a wing.  It satisfies and delights my soul.

The thrill of putting a plane in the air, of guiding it across the skies is unlike anything else I’ve experienced.  There is a magic in every plane, each with its own personality and temperament.  They come alive just like me when the engine fires and the prop turns.  I’m certain they long to be in the air as much as I do.  They were made to fly and I believe I am meant to be their guide.

It’s a fascinating journey that I’m on and it kindles a fire deep inside of me; embers that apparently always burned that once ignited won’t be diminished but are fanned by every moment that I think about the wonders of flying.

A Perfect View

The view from the cockpit is unbelievable this evening. Glancing out of the window I see the sun bidding me farewell behind billowing clouds.  I wish that I could share this with you but a picture just wouldn’t do it justice even if I could stop long enough to snap a quick shot.

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A Stranger in the Cockpit

My first evening flight is scheduled for 7:30pm.  An afternoon thunderstorm rolled through about 5:30 and moved on to the East leaving behind cooler temperatures and clear, smooth skies. I was eager to get to the airport and get back in the air; it’s the one thing that calls to me, beckoning for my return.  I can never get back there fast enough!

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We are Halfway There

We are the current Ground School Class at Wilgrove,  All of us are training and working towards our license.  We are at different flying experience levels but ground school puts us all in here together trying to accomplish one goal, the knowledge to pass the exam.  We are about halfway through and I think some things are coming together for us and some, well, we will continue to study.  I feel like we have already accomplished much by hanging in here this far.

My Ground School Class
My Ground School Class

I understand we are an unusual class with four women in it.  Robert says he has never had this happen before this class.  I, for one, am excited to be a part of it and look forward to the new friendships I am making while on this journey.  We are all determined, enthusiastic and excited to be working towards our goal.  Sometimes the most important thing is a little moral support from our peers to keep us going and help us along the way.

Stalls and Recoveries

It’s been nine days since my last flight and I can’t even say why or how that happened, but life gets busy and so do I.  The weather has also been a factor as we are in a cycle of afternoon thundershowers since summer has rolled in upon us.

Today is Lesson #4 and it’s about getting a feel for the plane when it stalls and understanding how to recover from one if you get into a stall.  An airplane can stall at any speed but only one angle of attack.

Mike Bravo

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S-turns and Dutch Rolls

After sweating like a big dog last Tuesday afternoon, I decided during the summer months that unless I have to, I’m done with 4 o’clock, 100 degree flying days.  Did you know that there is no air conditioning in most of the single engine planes? Well at least not from what I hear and the trainers certainly don’t have it.  They add too much weight and drain on the systems.  You could have wrung me out like a dish rag after I landed.  I didn’t even notice it while I was flying, and I’m not so sure I didn’t have some dehydration going on afterwards.

Morning flight


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It’s a Hot One

It’s 3:30 on a Friday afternoon, and I’m getting ready to leave work to go flying.  Life is good; I’m scheduled for a 4:30 flight today and it’s 100 degrees outside.  I don’t care, all I can think about is getting back in a plane and mingling with the clouds today.  It’s a beautiful clear day, but a hot one.

Me and 'Juliet'
Me and ‘Juliet’

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Feel the Power

Today is my first real lesson and not just an “Intro Flight”.  I got a log book and a headset of my very own.  What more could a girl ask for? I was so excited and ready for this adventure to take flight.

My log book and headset.
My log book and headset.

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Flight Instructor Required

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The Ground School Hunt is on

After my ‘Discovery Flight’ and deciding that I wanted to pursue my Private Pilot License (PPL), I knew I needed to take Ground School as part of obtaining my PPL. Ground School teaches you the flight and aircraft operating procedures, aeronautical knowledge and information you need to pass the FAA knowledge test.

The airport that I took my first flight at did not offer Ground School and it was suggested that I find an IPAD App to use for studying.  I checked out a couple of apps but had no idea what to look for much less what would be a good app as opposed to a not-so-good app.  I am a visual, hands-on learner and I knew that if I was going to be successful that it was going to take more than an app to get me through this test.  I really wanted a classroom enviornment and someone teaching it that I could interact with and have questions answered right there in front of me.

Ground School


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A Flying Experience