My First RC Jet Fly-in

After being turned away at the balloon fest due to high winds in the morning.  We decided to check out the area.  Zebulon has no hotels and the closest city is Wilson, about 20 miles away.  We decided to check out the town while waiting for balloon launch time.  They have an airport right behind the hotel, so we decided to venture to it and see if anything was flying.  I can always take a picture or two of an airplane, right?


There was a big sign out in front of the airport with information about a fly-in going on today.  What timing?  I should find something to photograph after all.

We parked and started walking but I couldn’t see any planes.  How strange to be at a fly-in and there aren’t any planes, or so I thought. It turned out to be an RC Jet Fly-in.  I didn’t know they made RC planes with jet engines.  After walking through the gates and seeing the tents set up, I was amazed at these little wonders.  When I say little, I don’t mean tiny, I mean compared to the real thing, small. These planes are huge compared to the RC planes I’ve seen a couple of times.


These planes sound amazing with their jet engines.  They’re fast and really hard to photograph due to the speed and size.  The guys that fly them are amazing at maneuvering and landing these little beauties.  I understand they can cost upwards of $30,000.  Wow!  I’d make sure my landings were perfect too at that price.

The level of detail on many of these planes is unbelievable, especially some of the replicas of military jets.  It was tremendous fun watching and admiring these beauties.   If it’s something you’ve never seen before, you really should check it out at least once.  I know that I will seek out another show or two because it was very exciting to see these planes fly.  I know a lot of hard work and time has been spent on not only building them, but learning to fly them as well.  This was a wonderful, unexpected adventure that we came across while waiting to see balloons fly.  I’m so glad we took the time to wander around the local airport.  You never know what you might find.



 A perfect flare!

A perfect flare!


They even have smoke for show!

They even have smoke for show!

RC Jet planes

RC Jet planes

F16 RC Jet

F16 RC Jet






I even caught a picture of it kicking in the afterburners!


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