My first Flight Trip

Today is my first road trip or you might say flight trip. I have 5.7 hours on my log book now. We taxied out and I got us airborne. It’s still an amazing feeling for me that I can put an airplane in the air. We headed towards Monroe for my first flight trip to a control towered airport. The sky was beautiful and it made for an amazing backdrop.

Wilgrove Airport

Wilgrove Airport

The Monroe airport runway is huge compared to the Wilgrove runway I’ve been landing on since I started flying.  The Monroe airport is 5500 feet long and 100 feet wide.  The Wilgrove runway is 2835 feet long and only 40 feet wide. I felt like a little bird landing on it.  It was awesome!  No chance of running out of runway there for this little plane.  My first landing, I came in floating like a feather and put her gently on the ground and glided to an easy roll.  Robert hollered and patted me on the back and said it was a perfect landing!  It was my best so far. Needless to say, it ended up being the best one of the evening.  The others weren’t bad, just a little less gentle.

Monroe Airport satellite view

Monroe Airport satellite view

We practiced takeoff and landings for close to an hour.  It was hard work but fun and exciting. Since this is my first landing practice session, I’m doing full stop landings and taxiing to do my takeoff each time.  It’s a long runway and it seems like it takes me forever to get to the takeoff area but good experience on the ground for steering the plane.

Unless you’ve been in a single engine plane before, it’s hard to realize how much you have to do in preparation for landing, especially when you are staying in the pattern to repeat landings. You are constantly moving and adjusting your settings so that on your final approach everything is exactly where it needs to be and your airspeed and altitude are just right.

Landing so far has been the hardest part of flying and being consistent, well that is definitely going to take a lot more practice.   I can’t wait to have another perfect landing and hopefully get a lot more consistent over the next few flights.  Another 1.2 hours down for the log book for a total of 6.9 hours now.

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  1. Great job. So glad you are enjoying it and doing so well. Proud of you!

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