Just Like I Remember

I’ve been waiting my whole life to do a ‘touch and go!’  I used to watch the planes at night while sitting near the runway on base doing touch and go’s when I was in the Air Force.  The C-5’s practiced at Sheppard AFB back when I was there for training and I was amazed at how slow it looked when they were coming in and landing and taking off again immediately.  I’ve never forgotten what that looked and sounded like back when I was there.  The C-5 is a monster of a plane.  I got to walk into one at an airshow once.  I remember there being a ladder to the cockpit that looked like it was stories above the deck.  I have been in awe of them for their sheer size for as long as I can remember.

Check out this video of the C-5 taking off, what a beast!


Today I’m taking Juliet to Monroe again and this time instead of full stop landings, I’m going to do my first touch and go’s.  The skies are clear and visibility is great.  I can see Monroe from a good seven miles or more out today.  I make the radio announcement today, “Monroe traffic, this is Cherokee six seven niner two Juliet, six miles north inbound for landing. Monroe.”  I make slight adjustments as I begin my descent to enter the pattern altitude at 1700 feet and at a 45 degree turn to my downwind approach.

I did 5 touch and go’s today at Monroe and stayed in the pattern.  We had some gusty crosswinds today that made me work a little harder than I have had to before to keep it coordinated. Robert told me how to lower my right wing and use a hard left rudder to keep it lined up in this wind. I was able to slip it in and get it landed.  I had a great day landing.

I don’t know why I did better with the crosswind today than yesterday with no winds but one thing I know is that I love when the plane is bouncing around a little bit.  I have to work a little harder to keep it level but what a rush!  I loved every minute of it.  Robert said that most of his students don’t like when it gets windy like this, he says I’m weird and that’s okay.  We both laugh. I feel like its good experience because the weather can change on you quickly and it’s best to know how to handle yourself when you do encounter it.

Another .9 hours on the log book and a successful flight behind me.  I now have 7.8 hours logged. The excitement that I feel when I’m back on the ground is only matched by how tired I feel once I’m out of the plane and back on solid footing.  I couldn’t be happier with my flight today.


  1. Oh my goodness we are the same! I love the bouncy days as well. It’s a cool feeling being able to stay in control on those days. Also there is nothing like coming down on a bumpy approach to only smooth out a few feet off of the runway for landing. ha haa. It’s hard and a little scary but really rewarding.

    • I told you we’re like sisters! 🙂 It’s an amazing feeling just being in control of a plane and landing it is the icing on the cake! I never mind when it’s a little bouncy up there, feels like a amusement park ride. I think that’s where trusting your plane comes in to play.I’m so glad your training is going well!

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