Flight Instructor Required

Maybe I didn’t go through a long, painstaking process to find a flight instructor, maybe I should have interviewed several but I found the whole process overwhelming and extremely stressful. I didn’t have any idea what to ask or what to look for when trying to find the perfect instructor.

For me, it ended up being relatively quick and easy. When I signed up for ground school and met the teacher, I found out he’s a Certified Flight Instructor(CFI) too. We talked and I found him very easy to have a conversation with; he’s sociable and has an easy temperment about him. I asked about flying with him and going up for a pre-lesson to get an idea of how he instructs in the plane. I wanted to see if he would be a good fit for me and my personality.

I liked him from the first time I talked to him on the phone. There is something very geniune about him. He’s funny and loves to tell stories about his life adventures. I find his stories and antidotes truly interesting; it’s like having dad around with you in the cockpit.

Our first flight together was great. He makes me laugh and teases me from time to time but he’s all business when it comes to teaching me to fly.  He encourages me through each step of the process and I feel like he believes in me and my abilities.

We flew a Piper Cherokee P140, different than the Cessna 172 I flew previously. The Chereokee is a low wing plane rather than a high wing plane. I was excited to try a different style airplane. I look forward to flying many different aircrafts as I venture on this journey. I know I won’t be flying anything else for now until I get my license but it’s still exciting to think about the opportunities that lay before me.

Robert Reynolds, CFI

Robert Reynolds, CFI

There are resources and search engines for finding flight instructors on the internet. My suggestion is to check out your local airports and talk to their instructors. Interview them if you like, but at least talk to them and find out how you interact with each other. If you start and find they don’t fit your style, then try another one. You aren’t tied to one instructor and if they aren’t producing the results for you that you want to see, then get a new instructor. It’s your money, you decide who gets it.

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