Determination and Practice

It’s time to figure this landing thing out and get it down. I told Robert to work me and help me get this done. I want to know what I’m doing wrong and how to make it right.  He was correcting me and honing my skills and definitely working me tonight.  I did nine landings total when all was said and done.  He asked me on the eighth one if I wanted to do another one and I responded that I only had one left in me and that would be the one back at Wilgrove. Wow, that was quite a workout.

Training is being determined to accomplish a task.

Training is being determined to accomplish a task.


It was busy at Monroe tonight and there was another plane practicing touch and go’s in the pattern as well.  It posed a bit of a learning curve for me as his patterns were so much wider than mine and it was throwing me off my normal pattern routine.  I had to wait to make my turns because I had to keep a comfortable distance between us. I was getting a little frustrated with having to adjust my pattern so much but I guess it’s good practice for encountering different situations. Watching him turn base leg and then final, I was able to see him coming in for his landing and it looked awfully low for a long time.  I could never land like that at Wilgrove having to clear the trees.  My turn and approach for final are a bit steeper probably for how I’ve learned it for Wilgrove. Sometimes I land with just two notches of flaps at Monroe but most of the time I’m using three and putting it down just after the numbers.  I guess it’s a good way to give yourself plenty of time to set up and make your radio announcements but I definitely like flying a tighter pattern but that’s probably because it’s what I’m used to doing.

So, I sat back, enjoyed the view and relaxed a bit tonight.  I messed up the radio turning crosswind at one point because I was listening to the plane in front of me instead of thinking about what I was saying.  He was turning downwind and I parroted his announcement.  Robert laughed and informed me that I wouldn’t have to make my downwind radio announcement since I had already done that one.  Oops, at least there wasn’t anyone else in the pattern.  They probably had a good laugh in the other plane too or they may not have even noticed since I was behind them.

I have struggled with getting the radio communications in while also making my turns and getting my set up to final appropriately lined up.  I have been off a little on setting the plane down at the right height and flaring properly so I am working on these things to get them perfected.

Landings felt good tonight, some still a little bumpy, some smooth, only once did I balloon a landing and was able to give it some power and get it back down without any issue.  I had a great landing at Wilgrove when I returned, which always seems to happen when I come back from Monroe.  We decided that next lesson, I’ll stay at Wilgrove and see how I do at home for a change. 1.4 hours on the logbook for a total of 17.3 hours.

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