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For the Love of Mustang’s

It’s a beautiful spring day in Florida. Where getting away from the colder weather a bit farther north breathes a little fresh air into your soul, like a bud just emerging from the frost to bask in the sunlight.  That’s me on this wonderfully warm day in Kissimmee, Florida, add a few incredible warbirds to the picture and talk about a warm front moving across your heart. 

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My First Air to Air Photography Experience

Getting a chance to do an air to air photography shoot has been something I’ve dreamed about since I began photographing airplanes.  The beautiful shots that grace the covers of the aviation magazines with beautiful prop blur at sunset over an incredible location, conjured up images in my mind of photographs I never thought possible for me to do. I didn’t think I’d be able to do it so quickly with my newly acquired photography skills, but it happened and this is the story.

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An FAA email and the Atlanta Warbirds Weekend 2016

The Atlanta Warbirds Weekend 2016, and I had planned on spending it photographing the wonderful warbirds that would be on display again this year for the Commemorative Air Force, Dixie Wing in Atlanta, Georgia.  I had planned this trip for months. I would be doing the aviation photography workshop for the second time. What I didn’t know was that I would be hearing from the FAA the day I was leaving for Atlanta.

P-40 Aluetian Tiger
P-40 Aluetian Tiger

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