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Overcoming Barriers

Another flight around the pattern at Wilgrove, yesterday I faced a brick wall and let it defeat me, for a while.  I know that I’m tough on myself and that I expect perfection, but most of the time I stumble along the way.  I am precise, detail oriented and focused on my goals.  I do not believe in losing or quitting.  I believe that within each of us, we have the power to overcome and accomplish anything we put our minds too.  I also understand set backs and losses along the way, but that doesn’t mean you give up.  For me, it means working harder than ever.

A wingtip view this afternoon.
A wingtip view this afternoon.

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Lessons learned and emergency landing practice

Sunday evening turned out to be a very exciting lesson for me.  However, it didn’t start out that way.  My first trip around the pattern felt great, and everything was lining up for a perfect landing.  I got the plane all the way down and ballooned it, pushed in the throttle for more power and got it on the ground after correcting it.  I was so disappointed with my landing, but tried to shake it off so that it wouldn’t affect me on the next landing attempt.

A pic with my instructor, Robert.
A pic with my instructor, Robert.

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Friday Evening Flights

Friday evening has become my favorite day to fly each week.  After a long week of work and life, it’s a great way to just unwind and have fun.  I eagerly look forward to this all week, it’s the most fun I have and although it’s work since I’m still training, I’m always excited, relaxed and just happy to be flying.

My Friday Smile!
My Friday Smile!

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Run-up Issue and Plane Changes

I have another 7 pm flight scheduled for tonight.  I’m filled with excitement as I pull up to the airport.  It’s beautiful out and only a few clouds around.  It’s still warm from the heat of the day but cooling and the wind is light.

My view tonight!
My view tonight!

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My first Flight Trip

Today is my first road trip or you might say flight trip. I have 5.7 hours on my log book now. We taxied out and I got us airborne. It’s still an amazing feeling for me that I can put an airplane in the air. We headed towards Monroe for my first flight trip to a control towered airport. The sky was beautiful and it made for an amazing backdrop.

Wilgrove Airport
Wilgrove Airport

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It’s a No-Go

A long night of heavy rain made for an incredibly foggy morning.  I was scheduled for an 8 am flight.  I showed up and knew when I arrived that visibility was a problem and that we wouldn’t be flying today.  Instead of it being a wasted day, Robert used this time for some more in-depth ground training.

Piper Cherokee P140
Piper Cherokee P140

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A Stranger in the Cockpit

My first evening flight is scheduled for 7:30pm.  An afternoon thunderstorm rolled through about 5:30 and moved on to the East leaving behind cooler temperatures and clear, smooth skies. I was eager to get to the airport and get back in the air; it’s the one thing that calls to me, beckoning for my return.  I can never get back there fast enough!

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We are Halfway There

We are the current Ground School Class at Wilgrove,  All of us are training and working towards our license.  We are at different flying experience levels but ground school puts us all in here together trying to accomplish one goal, the knowledge to pass the exam.  We are about halfway through and I think some things are coming together for us and some, well, we will continue to study.  I feel like we have already accomplished much by hanging in here this far.

My Ground School Class
My Ground School Class

I understand we are an unusual class with four women in it.  Robert says he has never had this happen before this class.  I, for one, am excited to be a part of it and look forward to the new friendships I am making while on this journey.  We are all determined, enthusiastic and excited to be working towards our goal.  Sometimes the most important thing is a little moral support from our peers to keep us going and help us along the way.

Stalls and Recoveries

It’s been nine days since my last flight and I can’t even say why or how that happened, but life gets busy and so do I.  The weather has also been a factor as we are in a cycle of afternoon thundershowers since summer has rolled in upon us.

Today is Lesson #4 and it’s about getting a feel for the plane when it stalls and understanding how to recover from one if you get into a stall.  An airplane can stall at any speed but only one angle of attack.

Mike Bravo

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S-turns and Dutch Rolls

After sweating like a big dog last Tuesday afternoon, I decided during the summer months that unless I have to, I’m done with 4 o’clock, 100 degree flying days.  Did you know that there is no air conditioning in most of the single engine planes? Well at least not from what I hear and the trainers certainly don’t have it.  They add too much weight and drain on the systems.  You could have wrung me out like a dish rag after I landed.  I didn’t even notice it while I was flying, and I’m not so sure I didn’t have some dehydration going on afterwards.

Morning flight


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