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A Little Perspective

I love the Disney movie Ratatouille, not only because of how it expresses a love of food in a way that I can relate to but because of Remy and his wonderful outlook on life.  Remy’s passion and enthusiasm are infectious. As the movie progresses, he doesn’t change regardless of the situation, but he affects almost everyone he comes in contact with along the way. His passion for food overflows to every part of him, to everything he thinks, smells and sees. He lives and breathes food and it’s his life.

Remy - Ratatouillie
Remy – Ratatouille

This is how I want to be seen when it comes to flying; passionate, driven and infectious to the point that others who might not know it yet would be drawn to this world above the ground too.  I know I have always had my eyes on the sky and that I didn’t even consider learning to fly till now but it doesn’t mean that I haven’t always had a passion for it.

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Just Like I Remember

I’ve been waiting my whole life to do a ‘touch and go!’  I used to watch the planes at night while sitting near the runway on base doing touch and go’s when I was in the Air Force.  The C-5’s practiced at Sheppard AFB back when I was there for training and I was amazed at how slow it looked when they were coming in and landing and taking off again immediately.  I’ve never forgotten what that looked and sounded like back when I was there.  The C-5 is a monster of a plane.  I got to walk into one at an airshow once.  I remember there being a ladder to the cockpit that looked like it was stories above the deck.  I have been in awe of them for their sheer size for as long as I can remember.

Check out this video of the C-5 taking off, what a beast!

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Fanning the Flames

The thought of not ever flying again makes me feel empty inside.  I’ve never felt so alive as when I’m in control of an aircraft.  There is something about it that wakes my soul and burns hot in my chest; a longing that I didn’t know was even there until I flew a plane for the first time.

Now, when I’m away from it, I long to be back there even if it’s just at the airport to see the planes or run my fingers across a wing.  It satisfies and delights my soul.

The thrill of putting a plane in the air, of guiding it across the skies is unlike anything else I’ve experienced.  There is a magic in every plane, each with its own personality and temperament.  They come alive just like me when the engine fires and the prop turns.  I’m certain they long to be in the air as much as I do.  They were made to fly and I believe I am meant to be their guide.

It’s a fascinating journey that I’m on and it kindles a fire deep inside of me; embers that apparently always burned that once ignited won’t be diminished but are fanned by every moment that I think about the wonders of flying.

A Perfect View

The view from the cockpit is unbelievable this evening. Glancing out of the window I see the sun bidding me farewell behind billowing clouds.  I wish that I could share this with you but a picture just wouldn’t do it justice even if I could stop long enough to snap a quick shot.

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Feel the Power

Today is my first real lesson and not just an “Intro Flight”.  I got a log book and a headset of my very own.  What more could a girl ask for? I was so excited and ready for this adventure to take flight.

My log book and headset.
My log book and headset.

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A Woman’s First Discovery Flight Experience

This is the cockpit of the Cessna 172.
This is the cockpit of the Cessna 172.

Have you every dreamed of flying? No, not an out of body experience.  I’m talking about flying an airplane, sitting in a cockpit, engine screaming, barreling down a runway, pulling back on the control and getting that bad boy in the air!  I spent my whole life looking up at the sky.  Every time I heard an engine humming, I would hope that one day I would do just that, fly a plane.

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