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I love the Disney movie Ratatouille, not only because of how it expresses a love of food in a way that I can relate to but because of Remy and his wonderful outlook on life.  Remy’s passion and enthusiasm are infectious. As the movie progresses, he doesn’t change regardless of the situation, but he affects almost everyone he comes in contact with along the way. His passion for food overflows to every part of him, to everything he thinks, smells and sees. He lives and breathes food and it’s his life.

Remy - Ratatouillie

Remy – Ratatouille

This is how I want to be seen when it comes to flying; passionate, driven and infectious to the point that others who might not know it yet would be drawn to this world above the ground too.  I know I have always had my eyes on the sky and that I didn’t even consider learning to fly till now but it doesn’t mean that I haven’t always had a passion for it.

Today I’m looking back on my life and wondering why I didn’t take up flying till now.  I’m a little frustrated by the fact that I could have taken it up a long time ago, but I don’t know why it never even occurred to me to do so. I assume it’s partly because I haven’t been around anyone that flies in a long time and have never been exposed to small airfields till I decided to seek one out earlier this year.

It’s a funny thing that when I decided to go take my first flight, I told everyone at work and most everyone thought I was crazy. For the few who thought it was amazing, I could see that spark of interest hidden inside of them as well. It’s nice to have some kindred spirits to share the excitement of flying with when we cross paths.  The rest, well I can tell they still think I’m a little crazy but there is a new found curiosity for this adventure that I started and they eagerly await the recap of each flight when I return. I’ve posted some pictures of me in airplanes and hung them up in my office.  If you ask me about them, be careful because my enthusiastic response might just win you over to the idea of flying yourself!

There is the antagonist in Ratatouille, Anton Ego.  Ego has been around and can make or break a restaurant with his review.  My favorite part of the movie is when he shows up at the restaurant and asks for “a plate of perspective.”  He is unimpressed and thinks that no one is going to change his opinion but he is at least willing to see if there is any possibility.  When his food finally arrives and he tastes it for the first time, he is moved to the point of remembering his mother and the fond emotions of her.  The thought of her cooking swells up within him in a way he never expected. His whole perspective has changed and you can see his demeanor transition; it has rekindled something wonderful inside of him.  I love the idea that just one taste took him back to a memory deep inside, a longing that he probably forgot was even there.

Flying for me has been like that, just one taste and my whole perspective has changed.  I have tasted it and drank it in, to the point that I can’t imagine not ever flying again. There is a warm feeling that swells in me when you ask me about flying and what it’s like to be in a plane.  I will enthusiastically respond and even if you didn’t think you wanted to fly, you might change your mind by the time I finish talking to you.

This convergence in my life at this time amazes me because the things that I love have come together at this moment in time in a way I never expected. Learning to fly, writing about it and meeting new people with the same interests and enthusiasm has breathed new life into me. Why now?  I ask myself the same thing every day and the only thing I can think is that it’s exactly when I’m supposed to do this. I wish I had done this a long time ago so that I would have much more time to fly and share my excitement but I guess I’ll just have to do as much as I can for as long as I can for now.

I watched the sky, not really knowing why and heard someone call my name, come up here with me and see the view, you’ll never be the same.

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  1. Love to read your blog! Great job!

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