Biplane Flying in a WACO: My Dream Plane

I’ve dreamed of flying in a biplane since I was sixteen years old, after reading Richard Bach’s, Illusions.  His tales of barnstorming across the farm fields of the midwest wrapped my imagination around a world that was completely foreign to me.  It was one I longed to experience for myself. When I’ve dreamt of flying, it’s always been in a biplane.  I never had the opportunity until I started going to air shows recently, and realized that you could still pay to take a ride in one of these gorgeous planes.

A beautiful WACO Biplane
A beautiful WACO Biplane

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Sun-n-Fun 2015 Air Show Recap

My first really big air show and it’s in my home state of Florida.  I started thinking about it last year when my brother-in-law mentioned that it was right in his back yard.  After being grounded and trying to find a way to stay connected to flying, planes and people that love aviation, I started looking for some air shows to go to and photograph.  Sun-n-Fun just happens to be the one that kicks off the season.

P51 Mustang

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Time to Visit the Aviation Medical Examiner

My wonderful oncologist, true to his word, got me in to the Senior Aviation Medical Examiner (AME) to work with me on getting back to flying.  I was so excited to have this appointment scheduled; I couldn’t wait to go.  It’s probably the first time that I’ve ever been anxious to go to a doctor’s appointment, especially lately with my recurring list of appointments.  I’m beginning to feel like an old person that has to plan their week around all of their medical appointments.  Geez…

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Finding Normal Again

I don’t think you wake up one morning and say I think I’m going to be brave today.  I don’t think courage is something you consciously decide to do.  I think courage comes from within and unexpectedly, in moments when you decide not to give up regardless of how you’re feeling.  I think it comes when you decide to push on in spite of obstacles in your way.  Sometimes, I think it comes when you decide to sit out for a round.  I believe that knowing when you’ve had enough and need a rest also takes courage. Sometimes, it takes a leap of faith that comes from somewhere deep inside of you to muster the courage you need to proceed.


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